Turn your dreams into a business…

While I was in Tucson I was informed that my five year old, Grover, joined the chess club. I guess that’s better than the last trip I came home from to hear that the family was at PetSmart. Come to find out, there is a man who teaches chess who, I guess, travels around to schools and well, teaches chess to the kids. I tell you, if you can dream it in Scottsdale, AZ, you can make it into a business…and probably a very successful one.

I have a friend who picks up poop…and lucratively, I hear. Ahhhh, my favorite subject…always good for a few laughs. It’s a sad day when you can make a better living picking up dog poop than running a certified day care/pre school. As you might remember (or gleaned from the link above) I’m not a dog person, but I have gotten these twinges in the last year of how cute it would be to see the kids with a dog. Just a little one. With no hair. And then I think about cleaning it, and how it would smell, no matter how small, and the vision goes away. But now I’m thinking…what if I had a dog poop service that would also wash it and make sure it’s breath didn’t stank? Not that we could actually let our dog out in the yard since it would be coyote bait. Hmmm.

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