2008 Elections

<>Experiemental BeadI’m getting excited.  Is anyone else getting excited?  I know…I’m very strange.  Regardless of how our country has been run for any previous four or eight years I’m always excited about presidential elections.  I confess that I don’t stay on top of things like I should but when major elections come around and we’re inundated with cadidates, campaigning and debates, my ears perk up.  Maybe I love a good old debate myself and campaigning gives me lots of fuel.  Of course, you won’t see me doing it here because I’m chicken to be too controversial in print but woooo-whee, if you know me well enough, I’ll get into it with you.

<>It’s always a time of conflict too because no one person can espouse all of the same beliefs and views of any other one person.  So what does one compromise?  I read today, something to the effect of, choosing a candidate is deciding what to compromise in order to support something else.  Yikes.  But so true.  What are we willing to give in order to get what we want?  I guess that’s the American way though.  Rather than ‘having it all’ it’s finding out how to get what we want while sacrificing other things.  Hm.

<>See why I like the upcoming debates and discussions?  Plenty to think about.  Plenty of areas to explore just where you stand on issues and see which ones have become more important than they previously were and vice versa.  I can tell you that my views and beliefs sure have changed as I’ve grown older and started a family.  It’s interesting to watch how that happens and wonder where I’ll be in eight more years.

<>What about you?  Have your views changed?  Or are you one of those good ole steadies that isn’t ever internally conflicted?

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