I feel like the Energizer Bunny

And now I know why bunnies have so much energy…or so they say. Greens.

I have been getting so much done and have been so motivated that I started to wonder what the heck is up. Then I realized that I had changed my morning smoothie recipe. While the others have been very healthy, one day I didn’t have my handful or two of spinach to put in so I added a packed of Green Superfood – Cacao Chocolate Infusion flavored from Amazing Greens to my peanut butter banana morning drink.

Chocolate and greens…sounds gross, I know. But you can’t taste the greens.

I don’t think it’s a caffeine buzz from the chocolate that has me zipping around…there isn’t THAT much in there. It’s the greens. High octane fuel for the body. They have other flavors too but I’m pretty happy with peanut butter, chocolate and banana in the morning. Who wouldn’t be? I’m thinking I could get into a Bloody Mary flavor too.

green superfoodHere’s my recipe if you’d like to try it:

8 oz coconut water
2 T smooth peanut butter
1/2 banana
1 scoop or 1 packet Amazing Grass Chocolate Greens

Blend it all up until it’s as smooth as can be. Cold coconut water helps, if you like it cold but I use room temperature a lot of the time. I guess you could freeze the bananas too. Or even freeze a couple cubes in a tray of the coconut water.

Add an optional 1 t psyllium powder because it’s a good source of fiber but even without it, this will be a filling protein drink. Protein from the peanut butter. And I I don’t usually like peanut butter.

I also like to drink it through my glass straw, from a nice blown glass tumbler. It feels so sexy.

There are individual packet sizes you can get either online or probably at any health food store if you want to try it without investing in a larger container. If you try it, let me know what you think…I’m interested to see if it gets anyone else going to this degree.

Now…off to make the second half of a 400 bead order. Vroom vroom…


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