The things we choose to focus on…

It’s Saturday afternoon and I told the 9 year old I’d be right back…I had to run out to the studio to get these:

glass disks I don’t know how it happened but, an hour later I had forgotten what I went into the studio for and managed to leave this in my wake:

glass rod storageI don’t know how it started. Oh yeah. I got an order for some production beads and wanted to make sure I had enough of a color of glass, which I do. I started to rearrange and consolidate colors. Then I thought, while I’m here, I might as well put away some of this other glass that has been sitting out for over a month, waiting to be put away. And then I found a few other bundles that were stashed underneath, never folded into their proper place in the storage scheme.

And there it was. An hour, gone.

If only I could do that with other projects…get lost in something like that. I could have spent a lot more time too. Now, I’m off on a quest to find the perfect 104coe orange opaque glass for my bead order, if that color exists. I don’t know. I have a lot of oranges but none compare to Bullseye orange, and that is not compatible. I haven’t kept up on colors for some time so, off I go…

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