Glass Patchwork Beads

Thank you for the great response when I posted these beads to facebook:

glass patchwork beadsI have a couple more in the kiln and they should be getting to Etsy as soon as I get out to the studio and get them cleaned up and photographed. Robin Foster said that they indicated that I was a closet quilter. Which reminds me…I need some new bead release.

“Patchwork” is exactly what I was thinking of as this design emerged. Originally they started out with the “end of day” bead concept…using everything laying on your bench at the end of the day.

I have always like compartmentalizing things (if only I could do that with my brain the way men seem able to). Components, boxes, segmenting, etc. Anything modular, stackable, arrangeable, I like. And probably why it drives me nuts when my nesting bowls are not nested properly!

I’ve tried designs that incorporate these themes before but haven’t liked the results. These, I like a lot, but I also know that there is a LOT more refinement that can go on that will make them spectacular. That is, if I can sit with it long enough to get to that point.

glass patwork bicone beadOne bead, four views. Click for a larger detailed look. I’m loving this shape. I also have a couple nice chunky round ones waiting out in the kiln. So far I think I like the bicone shape the best. Maybe I will try a bigger one.

Right now I’m working with the huge amounts of stringer that I already have pulled. I can hardly bring myself to pull more but I know that that is what it is going to take to get better results in the designs. The stringer I’m using now include a lot of experiments and leftovers…not always those that were successful attempts either…but they seem to work. Imagine them when I intentionally pull color for designs and actually have a plan for what I’m doing.

For now, it’s fun, and when that more planned version comes along it loses the spontaneity that you can feel in these and the raw creative energy. Then, they can turn into production beads. That is why I don’t sit with things very long…they get too rote and the process is less fulfilling.



3 thoughts on “Glass Patchwork Beads

  1. debideaux

    The detail shows up quite nicely on the bicone but I like the look on the lentils better. I think it’ll look great on a large chunky round. Great design, Lori!

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