What the heck happened?

Yesterday was great. I got a lot done, I was motivated, I felt good. Today, I crashed. I hate that! I’m not sick, I’m just wiped out and there is no good reason for me to be wiped out. I haven’t been stressed, I haven’t been working my fingers to the bone, I haven’t been overdoing it. ::sigh::

I wish I were back at the beach right now.

Drawing pictures in the sand and reading my kindle until the sun goes down. Of course, that beach is probably not lounging temperature right now but still. I would find a way.

So, my goal is to make my house feel like vacation, since I am here almost 24 hours a day. That is kind of hard to do, especially today with the office assistant and cleaning crew here. But, they will eventually leave. Step one is keeping the kids away from the tv after school.

4 thoughts on “What the heck happened?

  1. Ann Gullberg

    Well, vacation wouldn’t be vacation if we had it all the time! It is something to look forward to!!!! And as far as the kids and TV, when my kids we little, we discontinued service and had no TV- well the TV was there and we could watch movies, but no cable or dish. We didn’t have TV until they were about 8. We did crafts, played LEGO, read and went to the park. It was an adjustment for the grown ups, but the kids learned how to be kids and weren’t glued to THE BOX.

  2. Judi Rubin

    Know exactly what you mean.
    I crashed yesterday too. Never got dressed. Stayed in bed and watched reruns of HOUSE all day. Felt very indulgent and wonderful at same time.

    We women must take care of ourselves. I’m 71 and still struggling and learning how to say “NO” without guilt. If I don’t I quickly become depleted in both energy and spirit. Making beads has become my passion and my therapy/meditation time. My kids are grown but my grandkids, 16,13,10,9, & 8 have a lot of my focus. Somebody always seems to want me for something and that is flattering but can also be draining.
    So even though the demands are different they r still there.

    Small suggestion: I don’t know how old your kids are but u can adapt this for
    each one. Day before plan an after school “feel good” activity. Each one of you gets a separate day where the others have to plan something to make the chosen one for that day feel good. U can have them make lists of what they and you would like the others to do for them. Go from there. Everybody wins and everoneis involved. Have fun.


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