Flower Nails

No, I’m not talking about a manicure. I’m talking about actual nails. Are these not just the cutest thing?

Found over at one of my favorite blogs to skim Likecool.com (who will send you to the original link that looks to be all in Japanese).

My first thought of course is, “oh, I should make some of those”.  See? I’m just as bad as those people that come up to my booth and say “I can make that myself.”

*All they are” are regular nails that have the heads ground away to be flowers, right? Mm hm. I would only need to get what is needed to do the grinding. So, I’m thinking it would be much easier to buy a pack (if I could read Japanese at the site).

These are just a perfect solution for me, the “I-want-to-hang-it-now-and-I-don’t-care-what-the-nail-looks-like-when-it-shows” person. ::sigh::  I so need decorative help.

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