The Church of Craft

Today’s topic, The Church of Craft. Yep, a real church. I heard about it, where else, a radio program yesterday. The show did a really cool interview and made it sound interesting but the web site is kinda boring…or maybe it’s just not my bag. I craft all day.

One thing I don’t get though (and I think I’m in the minority here) is the desire to craft with other people. I need to go into the zone when I create…I can’t do it with people around.  Well, I guess I could but I wouldn’t be the most conversational person.

I remember when I did polymer and our guild would have clay days. I would go and wouldn’t bring anything to do because I knew I wouldn’t be able to. I’d just bob around and see what everyone else was doing and schmooze. I once went to a weekend retreat and instead of having fun and playing I took work and made 90 of the same thing. Exciting, aren’t I?

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