I’ll Be Teaching Beginning Bead Making at FFZ Studio

I can’t tell you how many people have asked me over the past few years when I was going to start teaching. I’ve always put it off and directed them to my email list so I could let them know when I took the leap. I’ve resisted all this time because I really just never had the time. And I also didn’t know what I could offer. I know that’s silly. I have a LOT to offer.

Well, the time has come. Actually, February 20th. I will be teaching beginning bead making at Fire and Friends Z Studio in Peoria, AZ. 91st Street and Olive. It’s a quick jaunt if you can get to the 101 fairly easily.

The class is 4 hours and is followed by optional, additional torch time to practice with my supervision. ($10/hour for the additional torch rental time).

Follow the link and sign up. It’s a Friday morning but if you need an evening or weekend, drop me an email and I’ll get something set up. I’m trying to feel out what works for everyone.

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