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It just keeps getting weirder.

You’ve followed me through my dietary adventures, but I think my latest has surprised me the most.

This snack. Apple with almond butter and raw garlic. I’m not a big apple fan, nor an almond butter fan but I love garlic. It’s actually pretty good.

Ten days ago I started the CLEAN program. A 21 day nutritional detox. It’s not a weight loss plan nor a colon cleanse although both of those things happen. You can buy their kit which is pretty expensive or you can do your own version after reading the book, which is what I am doing.

It is meant to rid your body of toxins that have built up over your whole lifetime. The understanding is that all disease and malady starts in the gut and manifests in symptoms elsewhere. If you clean up the gut, rebuild the flora and keep it healthy, your body will fight off more effectively even the most serious of disease.

After just 9 days it has been quite a ride. Detox symptoms I’ve never felt before have been interesting and surprising. I can’t believe how deep and intense the detox is just from a diet (and some natural supplements). I like that it’s not an unnatural chemical wham bam, clean you out ma’am type colon cleanse. This is the real deal that lets nature do the work, as it was intended.

The most surprising thing is how much I have been learning about myself. Not just the mechanics of how foods work or how the body works, but psychologically. You may have experienced this yourself if you have ever done any type of fasting. I can understand more now how it is used as a spiritual practice.

Without food around to distract us we have to face things. I don’t know how to explain that any other way. I am flabbergasted at the relationship I have with food. I have been eating very healthy for the past two years. Even before that when my diet was crap, I thought I knew my issues…I thought I knew when I was eating to make myself feel better or when I was bored. But I have to tell you…our relationships with food go DEEP. I am guessing this is true for a majority of Americans.

I know this is a bead blog and I apologize for straying from that so much. This is where I am and what my focus has been on. Of course, I am making beads and stuff for shows but it can get kind of boring to show production work. You can see those photos if you follow me on facebook.

Interesting to you or blahbiddy blah blah? G’head, be honest. I write for you as much as I do me. If it’s blahbiddy blah, I can take it to one of my other blogs no offense taken.

Why does it have to look something a cow left behind?

I love my dehydrator and everything that comes out of it so far. But, how am I going to get the world to want to eat raw if it looks like this:

Seriously. It looks AWFUL, doesn’t it? It is the onion bread that I raved about a wile back. You know, the one that can give a bacon taste to a salad or sliced tomatoes with lettuce and mayo? That onion bread.

Some people on facebook said they were going to try it and I never heard the results. I’m hoping that doesn’t mean that I’m just over zealous and they hate it. I have noticed though that, the cleaner my diet, the more I appreciate real food and the better some ‘odd’ stuff (read: healthy stuff) tastes to me. I could go off on how good a particular lettuce tastes and the person next to me will look at me sideways. Oh well.

I love it and it’s really good for you. Mostly just onions, flax seeds (I don’t grind mine because they degrade quickly and turn toxic) some nama shoyu (raw soy sauce or tamari) and some ground sunflower seeds.

So easy. So good. So ugly.

Here is a rough recipe…I have tweaked mine to use less nama shoyu and less sunflower seeds, as well as keeping my flax whole).

Where to get the best and cheapest tuna…

As I’m following the Gabriel Method of eating it has become extremely apparent that life is good when my blood sugar is on an even keel. There is a lot to learn about how diet and our bodies and brains work in the context of it all but the three things that are key (and what keeps me level) are to have a protein, something live and a source of good Omega three with every meal. Having breakfast is a must.

While eggs are a good source of protein, it can get boring every day so I have taken to having a bit of tuna or leftover fish to start my day and a sliced tomato or kale salad, as my protein and live sources. Not being big on canned stuff I contemplated buying tuna and making my own to always have on hand.

A few weeks ago though, as I was shopping at Whole Foods I stopped by the lunch bar to pick up my usual stuffed grape leaves. Yes, they have rice but they are just so dang good. I looked at the other items to see if anything tickled my fancy and noticed fresh tuna. Not tuna salad all made up with mayonnaise and onions, but flaked tuna like out of the can but not soaked in anything. Fresh.

I thought, hm. I could load up on this for $7.99 a pound and make it into tuna salad as needed. I filled a small container and it cost about $4.00. That is almost as much as a can of the tuna I had been buying. (I was going for the responsibly farmed, pole caught, etc which can cost $2.99 or more a can). I would estimate that for $4.00 I got about as much tuna as in 2-3 cans, after draining the liquid. And oh how nice it is to not have to drain it!


It tastes better than any canned tuna I’ve ever had. While the tuna on that bar is probably meant for people who are coming through on their lunch hour, I hope they don’t catch on to my beat-the-system scheme. I’m wondering now if it might be beneficial to try it with the chopped up hard boiled eggs they have on the salad bar too. Egg salad would be a nice addition to the protein list.

Oh. And, I do hope to get back to bead talk soon. The kids started their summer program today so I will be able to get back out to the studio very soon.