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IMPORTANT: How to Contact Me

Right now it looks as if my web host provider for my other sites is MIA.  Yes.  Gone.  Poof. Kaplooey.

I’m hoping it something like a lightning strike rather than a sudden closing of the doors.

While that is hopefully getting sorted out, I cannot get email at my account.

To contact me, please use the account.

Thank you Pappashop.  I love you for being reliable for this site!

Rain rain, it went away and to along some walls…

I am getting a late start today!  Last night we were out and we got rain.  And I mean RAIN.  Enough rain for me to break my ‘no talking about weather on my blog’ rule.  We were stranded for 3 hours with all northbound roads being closed.  We live north.

Rivers were running through the desert last night and it was bad.  Cars were stalled and abandoned in the middle of roads.  I saw more firetrucks than I ever thought existed.  I think they were calling out the ones that were previously retired to parades.  I think I might have even seen one with an old water tank on the back.  Seriously though, while sitting in traffic I swear that at least 8 firetrucks passed me, 4 to5 ambulances, police cars and transit safety cars.  I have no idea what those are for and where they even come from.  I thought that there must have been an explosion or something.  But no.  Just water.

The power of water never fails to amaze me.  From rock and canyon formations to the incredible power of a storm.  When we finally got closer to home we had to park two dirt roads over and walk to our house because our front entrance is/was trashed.  We now have a pond blocking our road.  Parts of pavement were upturned and carried to our road.  Fences and walls were demolished.  Previous barriers to line the wash are gone.  Tons of rock.  Gone.  A neighbor’s full size trampoline is now in the other neighbor’s yard two acres over.  It’s unbelievable.

Then last night, after seeing the destruction I caught myself.  One storm.  One bad-for-us storm and it could fit on the head of a pin compared to what has been going on in the rest of the country and world.  I thought about New Orleans and realized how lucky we are.  Our roof is still over our heads and all we have is a bad road that we can’t drive on and a puddle of water in our garage.  I am feeling very lucky.

I am feeling angry about the walled lot they put in on the front of our road two years without properly working around the wash.  It is their wall that stopped the natural flow of water that has been happening for hundreds of years.  But I am feeling fortunate that that is the only thing I have to be angry about.

Just to mention…it’s not global warming.  It is monsoon season in Arizona.  We live in a 500 year flood zone which means that once in every 500 years it floods.  While I don’t consider this a flood, it just proves that heavy rains do happen.  It didn’t rain freakishly enough to cause all that damage but the conditions were right where it was raining on the mountain north of us while the storm was traveling south.  So, it was pouring on top of the run off and we don’t have sewers other than mother nature’s washes.


Everybody loves change, right?

Is your head spinning from all of the changes?  Well, if you know me, things are always a changin’.  No, things are usually pretty steady and stable in my life so I take it out on you all.  Don’t let it throw you too much…think of it as my way of keeping your life exciting.  While I used to change things because I thought I could do better, now it’s more that I change it because I can.  And sometimes it is better.  It’s fun, and I never thought I’d say that.

I like change.

Change is good.

So, new masthead today, new blogs the other day, new bead styles all the time, what will it be next?  If I were my mom I would dye my hair a new color.  Maybe even get my nose pierced, but that’s not me.  The most risky I get is to change my graphics.  Woooooo.  Watch out.  I’m feelin’ dangerous.

You’ve been patient and you’ve hung in there with me.  I think it’s about dang time I showed you some beads, don’t you?  Can I get an amen?  So, today you get beads.

Holy moly, where’d they go?  It’s been so long since I’ve shown any I am having a hard time finding them.  ::digging around::

zoozii nugget shaped beads


There’s one for ya.  Zoozii Crystal shaped beads that have been hanging around the studio waiting to be finished into a set for eBay.  I’ve been too busy blogging to think about eBay.  But, maybe someday I’ll get back there.