Friday morning writing catch-up warm-up.

Coming here to warm up my little fingers and get the writing juices flowing; or not. More stream of consciousness button pushing.

I’ve done the read-through of my 88-page first draft, of which I was so proud. I made written edits and am incorporating them into my writing software. That pride has turned into, “Damn, this totally sucks, what am I doing?” Interspersed with, “I can fix it.” And lots of, “I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. Focus, NOW!” I’ve also decided to totally change the age and personality of my main character, which means that lots of other stuff will need to change too. Heck, why not just rewrite the thing? I guess that’s what this stage is all about. Rewriting sounds way more appealing than editing. Maybe someday I’ll find a rhythm.

I’ve discovered that getting to it in the morning after one kid is dropped off, and the rest of the house is still sleeping, is much more productive than hanging out on Facebook with my coffee. I’ve also learned that the homeschooled kid can work on his own a lot, except for math. Math sucks.

The book cover designer I had lined up had to bail on new work so I’m in the process of finding a new one. We’re getting ready to start construction on the studio, after another permit delay this week. And I really need to do some more de-cluttering. If that new space was ready, I wouldn’t have to!

On the good side, I got these kawai little train cases that will help hide some of the clutter.

kauai train cases


Get back in the art show ring?

I’ve been up to my eyeballs in homeschooling. It’s easier than I thought and really does take less time than a school day however, it takes more of my time than public school used to take. I’ve adjusted to that by giving up everything else I used to do. In some ways that’s relaxing. In other ways I sometimes wonder just what I’m spending all of my time on now.  Then I remember, oh, yeah, protecting, forming, and nurturing a very happy teenager, and it’s all good.

That said, I haven’t done shows this year and the deadline for application to my big studio tour is coming up next month. I don’t know what I want to do. I want to do the show but I don’t want to be stressed because I don’t have enough time. I have a couple other artists who are looking to get back here, after not showing here last year and I feel a little obligation. I’d be perfectly happy not to show but I like the extra cash and thrill of selling my work. I wonder if the kid will be back to regular school by fall. I wonder if summer will bring me studio time. And, what about that book I’m supposedly writing?

glass and enamel beads

We thought the new studio space would be done by now. In fact, that’s why I didn’t show last year. I thought we’d still be under construction. We have the designs done and permits in but haven’t broken ground yet. I want to use the new space for paper, fiber, painting, etc. and had the idea of filling the space with pieces (2D art, mobiles, panels, vessels, jewelry, whatever) and putting everything for sale at the studio tour. What doesn’t sell could/would go on sale online, or elsewhere, and start all over for next year. Maybe take emails at the show and have a New Year trunk show, reduced price sale.

While that sounds fun, I don’t even know if I can make wall pieces, whether that would all be too disjointed or how any of that would work out. That’s my current dream though. In-between all that other stuff.

My First Draft

First DraftLook at it. Isn’t it cute? It’s the first draft of my first book. Sure, it’s only 88 pages right now, double-spaced. But it’s the entire story, before I make the characters lovable, and the places ones that you will want to visit to see for yourself. Lots more words to be written. Probably as many as I already have.

I finished this first draft a couple weeks ago and have been avoiding the editing/rewriting process. I’m like that old lady who is looking back on life and thinking, I should have enjoyed my youth when I was there. Because, writing that first seems a lot more fun than what I’m facing now.

Don’t get me wrong. I know that once I get into it I won’t want to stop and I’ll love the process–please let me love the process. That’s how the rest of my art undertakings have gone. I hated pulling glass stringers for hours at a time, but I was able to make peace with it and find some positive aspect in the task, thus causing me to look forward to it.

I guess the hard part is knowing where to start. I’ve never taken a creative writing class and I don’t think that high school term papers count. Although, I did rock the one on Wuthering Heights in 9th grade, and surprised myself with an A. All of ten pages of it, footnotes and all.

So, what does one do when they don’t know what to do? Many people would just jump in and do it. That’s what I tried, trusting that something in my subconscious mind would have gleaned that skill from my years of schooling. I think I got through the first scene. Bleh. I corrected some grammar, but added nothing to the story. Sigh.

When that doesn’t work, what’s the next step? Read a book about it, of course. I’m all about the School of Amazon–or blogs, or Facebook. I now know that some people print their first drafts because seeing it on paper causes them to look at their work differently. So that’s why that pile of paper in the picture now exists. Already, looking at it I can feel the difference. Ain’t nothin’ like jotting in the margins, circling, drawing arrows, and coding paragraphs to be moved.

Yeah. I think this might help.

Next step? Reading it out loud, they say.