Moving on is tough stuff.

I’m feeling guilty as I come here to communicate with you, my loyal followers of many years. Guilty, because I’ve been writing about writing. Not what you signed up for. To be honest, I haven’t made beads in months (except for some Beads of Courage orders) and I haven’t been doing murrini or micro mosaic either. I have been writing. Reading about writing. Facebooking about writing lately. You get the idea. Maybe it’s my good midwest upbringing…never wanting to let anyone down.

So, this is my apology because it doesn’t look like I’ll be going back to beadmaking anytime soon. I still have a fantasy that I’ll work on my micro mosaics and a murrini here and there, but I wonder if I’m fooling myself.

That said, I still love my real life and online beadmaking and glass community. We have become family. I look forward to following what you do and I look forward to showing what I do. If y’all decide to stop reading the blog, unsubscribe from my email list, or unfriend me on Facebook, I totally understand. If you want to stick around and see where I’m headed, that would be cool too.

And THAT said, I also have, in the back of my head, the idea to write non-fiction. That would mean glass-related “how to” books. So, maybe you do want to stick around to hear about that, if and when it comes to be.

Thank you for support and friendship over the years.



Shoes can change your outlook on life. Totally.

Sperry TopsidersDo shoes change your state of mind?

I know that a lot of women are obsessed with shoes. No names mentioned. I’m not one of them although, I do love a good, comfortable shoe which often means they aren’t that attractive.

Recently I was shopping and came across a Sperry store, which I had never encountered before.  High school memories flooded me, of the days when that was the shoe that was bought for me, and like it or not, that’s what I wore. I was such a dork.

For the past I-don’t-know-how-many-years my 11 year old has been wearing a plastic version made by Native. I couldn’t get her to switch. They got battered and beat up, and made her feet smell AWFUL. She finally wore out her last pair and I’ve been trying to talk her into a pair of Sperry Topsiders, to no avail. So, when we passed the store it was a no-brainer to pop in. No way was I getting a pair. I hated those shoes when I had to wear them…so uncool. I wanted my three-stripe Adidas like Starsky (which I never got) or real cowboy boots (which I never got) like all the cool girls! We won’t go into the earth shoes or chugga boots (which I unfortunately got).

Needless to say, I couldn’t talk her into a pair but I went home with the exact style that I wore in high school, and I am loving them. They’re very comfortable, good quality, and I know the more I wear them the more I’ll love them as they get broken in and shape to my foot. The 11yo even slips them on once in a while. I will get her to wear them, and will never have to buy her another pair of shoes. Ever.

Funny thing is, I’ve been getting a lot more done, and I think it’s the shoes. Seriously. The talks about making sure to put on lace-up shoes every morning and it will make you more productive. I’m defiant and could never do that. I work from home so I can work barefoot, braless, and in my pajamas. Bending over to tie on shoes that I can’t kick off whenever I want? Ha ha ha ha ha! Good one.

These shoes seem kind of like cheating though because I really don’t have to bend over and tie them, and they slip on and off easily. But the idea is working. Or maybe all the yoga I’ve been doing, and those Chinese herbs I’ve been using have finally kicked in to regulate my hormones and blood sugar.

Nah. It’s the shoes. Totally.

Even logistics are fun.

Yep. If you thought I was crazy before when I said I liked marketing, today you’ll really think I’m nutso.

I like planning the structure of how things appear on a web site, making it easy to navigate, and get you want you want fast. It’s a painstaking process but once it’s done it’s like the heavens have opened and you hear a big “ahhhhhhhh” raining down on you. Ain’t nothing like clear, concise design and communication. I’m not trained at it or a professional by any means but I can usually work it out if given enough time. That’s the hard part. It can be time consuming if you’re a wannabe hacker.

There are going to be a lot of moving parts with this whole writing thing. A new publishing house business, a pen name for kids names, and my own name for adult fiction. All of these things will need some type of web presence and social media pages.

I’m not fully set up yet with the biz names or pen names but it’s never too early to start growing my audience and contacts. So, that’s what I’m doing because, I don’t have anything to actually market yet.

I’ve opened up my mailing list so you can choose if you want to get glass updates (of which I don’t expect to send a lot), book updates, or both. Unfortunately, the glass list is going to be going away at some point. I haven’t been focused on selling my glass art for a long time now and there’s no need to tie up the list with 800 people who I won’t be contacting. It makes me sad to say that.  :(

If you would like to follow my children’s fiction adventure, please do sign up for that email list. At some point I’ll start mailing information. I will always have it on my blog as well so if you’re subscribed by email there you should be good, for now.

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Thanks for the support and interest everyone!